September 9, 2010

"Make a photograph of the front of a building today. Could be your house, the bank, or city hall."

September 8, 2010

September 7, 2010

"Make a photograph with either a 9 or 7 (components of today's date) in it represented in some way and post it today."

September 6, 2010

"Welcome the new week (and holiday in the US) by making a bright cheery photo outdoors and posting it today."

September 5, 2010

"A person's hands can tell a story. Take a picture of someone's hands today."

September 4, 2010

"Water sustains life. Color enhances life. Make a photo today combining color and water."

September 3, 2010

"Make a photograph of one of the least expensive things that you cherish."

September 2, 2010

"Make a beautiful photograph of something commonly thought of as ugly."

September 1, 2010

"Signs are all around us. Get in close and you might find something new."

August 31, 2010

"Illustrate your local weather today with a photo. Rain or shine. Cloudy or clear. Communicate what it's like to the world."

August 30, 2010

"Make a photograph featuring a diagonal line or series of diagonal lines. Pull our attention through the photograph"

August 29, 2010

August 28, 2010

"Use repetition to create an interesting photograph today. Grids, patterns, or a series of lines will all do the trick."

August 27, 2010

August 26, 2010

"Make a photograph with soft light today. Try to almost totally eliminate shadows on your subject."

August 25, 2010

"Make a photo of a tool today. Screwdriver. Pliers. Computer."

August 24, 2010

August 23, 2010

"Today's number is 5. Make a photo that illustrates the number in some way, either literally or abstractly."

August 22, 2010

"Make a photograph of something made out of glass. Be sure to go for interesting reflections or highlights."

August 21, 2010

August 20, 1010

August 19, 2010

"Make a photograph of something you eat today. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack."

August 18, 2010

August 17, 2010

"Make a photograph that features a sign of some sort today. Maybe a stop sign. Maybe an information sign. Or an advert."

August 16, 2010

"Make a photograph of a plant today. It can be a small one in a pot, a big one in the park, or a tree in a forest."

August 15, 2010

August 14, 2010

August 13, 2010

August 12, 2010

"Find a repeating pattern and make a photo of it today."

August 11, 2010

"Make a photograph that uses the rule of thirds composition in a very obvious way and post it."

August 10, 2010

August 9, 2010

"Triangles keep the viewer’s eyes on a photo. Follow a triangle, and you see other elements. Make a photo with triangles."

August 8, 2010

August 7, 2010

"Visit a park today--national, amusement, playground--and make a photo of something that catches your eye."

August 6, 2010


August 5, 2010

August 4, 2010

August 3, 2010

"How does your garden grow? Make a photo of something growing in your or someone else's garden today."

This is growing in the garden of my dreams. =)

August 2, 2010

August 1, 2010

July 31, 2010

"Make a portrait of somebody today. It can be somebody you know or a stranger. Maybe even yourself."

July 30, 2010

"Pavement comes in many flavors. Asphalt. Concrete. Bricks. Stones. Make a photo of some pavement you see today."

July 29, 2010

"Turn the tables and make a photograph of a light source today."

July 28, 2010

First tomato of the season

July 27, 2010

"Today's theme is the number 6. Make a photograph of the number six, six objects, or express six in an alternate way."

July 26, 2010

Alas, I forgot my real camera today.

July 25, 2010

July 24, 2010

July 23, 2010

"Double your art today. Make a photo of something you've created or crafted."

July 22, 2010

"Rotate your camera today a bit and make a slightly off-angle photograph. Use the angle to emphasize your subject."